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Harvington Golf Academy Founded 2021

Membership to Harvington Golf Centre is new for 2023.

From April 1st 2021 the membership to "Harvington Golf Club" will cease.

With this so will our affiliation with the Worcester Golf Union, England Golf and W.G.U. will also cease. (This means all golfers handicaps at present will be lost for world use in 6 months time.)


In its place we are forming a new membership to the golf club to be called "Harvington Golf Academy"

This will be in the form of the club as it was before the introduction of slope ratings and world handicap system requirements.

Listed below are the main points of the new membership.

  1. You will now join the Harvington Golf Academy.

  2. You will pay a monthly fee for  7 day membership. (6 x summer & 6 x winter)

  3. You will not pay CONGU or EGU fees

  4. You will have unlimited play during opening times on both courses.

  5. You may gain a Handicap using the old system to allow you to play in our own competitons.

  6. Competitions will be run as before all year round by the golf centre.

  7. Your handicap will be adjusted using the old system after each competition you play.

  8. Other events will be run to encourage you to make the most of this new style membership.

  9. This membership will give you a great saving on pay and play golf with a chance to play competitions in a more relaxed atmosphere.

  10. Full details are in the downloadable PDF form below.


Click PDF Button for Details.

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