Start Improving Your Game Today!!

If you are reading this page you have already started to be aware that you may need some help with your golf. I am sure we would all like to improve at everything we do in life and golf is certainly a very challenging game.

We offer coaching for all levels of golfer here at the Centre and have a large grass area for teaching so the lessons are all off grass. I know this is a much preferred surface for most people and you do get the sense of the ball strike in a golfing situation from this medium.

Lessons are available with video.

Ladies & Beginners are always made welcome and the teaching area is private and we find this really relaxes players new to the game.

Please keep an eye on the website for the next teaching events.

Golf Lessons.

1 x 1/2 Hour Lesson                               £15.00

1 x 1 Hour Lesson (with video)             £25.00

1 x 1 Hour lesson (2 people sharing)     £30.00 

1 x 1 Hour lesson (small Group)            £10.00 per person (Minimum of 4 people)


Offer 5 x 1 Hour Lessons £105 (must be prepaid)



Mob: 07980 643326

Club: 01386 871017

Email: nigelbambridge@gmail.com