About Us.

For over 20 years Manor Farm Leisure Ltd has been growing  into a scenic holiday retreat in the heart of the British countryside. For over 10 of those years the Golf Courses have been developing from a small 9 hole course into a 27 hole (2 course) hidden gem winding around the banks of the River Avon​. ​


The past 10 years have seen many changes to the way the Golf Centre is run and we like to think that vast improvements have been made to the courses and the Golf Centre in general.


  We have a membership structure in place that is always evolving to encourage people to play golf here in a relaxed atmosphere.


  For those wishing to play in competitions we have a full 12 month calendar for members. 

  Lessons for all levels are offered and group lessons are run all year round. We also offer advice on golf equipment and do repairs & regripping in an honest and professional way.

  Our main aim is to make people feel less intimidated while playing this magical game and the beautiful surroudings certainly help with that. If you have not played here before please come and try the courses and give us your feedback so we can continue to improve our customer service and more importantly your enjoyment of the game of GOLF.